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How to choose best usb data cable
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You will choose the quality usb cable after you read this article

How to choose best usb data cable?

1.   Whether the artwork of the plug is fine or not

It is a way of judging good or bad data cable when look at the plug artwork.The appearance of workmanship can give us direct and apparent first Apple original data cable, all use the integrated design, exquisite workmanship, small and flexible, durable and support double-sided use, avoid the trouble that the cable plug in the opposite orientation. The insulation texture is quite soft, also very easy to bend, the craft level is extremely high. It is Apple's big advantage.

2.   If it is compact when plug or unplug the cable from your compatible device.

Copied Data Cable 8pin plug artwork is apparently worse than original Apple, The dock interface is the most important part of the whole data cord, whether the plugging and unplugging is compact or loose that affect the effect of charging speed and data transmission, including the lifespan of choose compact data cable for your devices , this is also a very important indicator

3.   Charging and transmission speed

now basically up to USB3.0 transmission speed, some even have reached the USB3.1, transmission speed is very fast, but if you buy this one lower than USB3.0 2.0 version, transmission speed will be greatly slowed down, naturally reduce your work efficiency, so in the process of buying,pay attention to the parameters of the data line.

4.Raw Material

Data cable is a daily necessities, especially the Apple data line, the basic daily to be used for recharging, the more frequently we use,the loss will be greater. Because Apple's original data line can not withstand long-term high-frequency use, so easy to break the skin damage, so in the selection of Third-party data cable, we also need to consider this factor. In my opinion,Nylon braided, aluminum alloy and carbon steel data cable is a good choose,these raw material are durable. because more durable, more flexible and pull-ressitant, also effective to prevent bending and keep cable tangle-free.

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