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The core principle of wireless charging
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You can know about how choose the wireless charging

The core principle of wireless charging


The core principle of wireless charging is based on electromagnetic induction, the principle is not complex. At present, there are two technical branches in the industry, one is the magnetic induction technology represented by the QI Standard, the other is the magnetic resonance technology represented by the Airfuel standard. The principle of magnetic resonance is a better solution, it supports a farther charge distance, and can support multiple devices simultaneously charging. However, MRI technology is not mature at present, and through the stacking of multiple coils, the use of the QI standard wireless charger can also achieve multiple devices simultaneously charging. However, magnetic resonance is still the future direction of wireless charge, Qi also put the magnetic resonance technology into its standards, it can be seen that near-distance power transmission is not impossible to achieve.


Wireless charging equipment on the market

The current wireless charging standard for smartphones and consumer-grade wireless chargers is mainly Qi, so as long as the phone supports Qi wireless charging, all wireless chargers using the QI standard are theoretically compatible (including particularly difficult iphones). However, different mobile phones and wireless chargers in the charging efficiency is actually different, for the wireless charger, the general will only list the input and output power, but for the mobile phone, the receiving power is the key to determine the efficiency of the charge, in general, the receiving power is about 75% of the output power


Charging Plate End

But Standard wireless Charger with the use of extended Power profile configuration was born this year,It can support the largest 15W output power that be equal to 10W of the receiving power, can greatly improve the mobile phone's wireless charging speed

Mobile phone end

Since the wireless charge board has the power limit, naturally so is the handset. The current mainstream smartphone (mostly using basic Power profile configuration) supports a 5W to 10W output power wireless charger. For example, Samsung Galaxy S mobile phones can support 10W wireless charging, while Apple iphone 8/8 Plus and iphone x can support 7.5W wireless charging, which translates to lower receiver power

In addition, support for relatively fast wireless standards extended power profile smartphone has been launched this year, there are familiar with the Sony XZ2 series and LG V30 series, the receiver can reach about 10W, but need to match the same support extended Profile configuration of the wireless charger. In summary, different mobile phones need to match different specifications of the wireless charger, but for most mobile phones, support 10W output of the wireless charger is enough. In addition, many wireless chargers are not necessarily random with the charge head and datacable, Its choose need to be based on their input power and fast charging standard. iphone 8/8 Plus and iphone x are compatible with the QI standard, but not all of the Qi wireless charger can make it up to 7.5W fast charge.

What do you need to focus on besides power?

FOD Foreign body matter

FOD foreign body detection should be the most basic security function of wireless charger, when the mobile phone and wireless charger between the metal foreign body, wireless charger will perceive and power off, to prevent the overheating of metal foreign bodies. However, FOD function light to see the promotional parameters can not be judged, can only be measured to see the specific performance of the market, most of the wireless charger in the FOD foreign matter detection are qualified.

Heat dissipation problem

Wireless charger output power is not constant, and peak power mainly depends on the design of the wireless charger and heat dissipation mode, we are more recommended to purchase equipped with active cooling fan model, although thick point, but the general output peak power time is also longer

Charging distance

The maximum charge distance of the Qi wireless charger is about 10 mm, so the protective sleeve can also be recharged, and no need to "strip" the cell phone to recharge. With the development of the QI standard iteration, the cost of wireless charging technology has slowly down,it is easy for many to cost about 14 dollar to experience. At present, millet Huawei has started to try to add wireless charging for its products, it is expectable that wireless charging function will enjoy great popularity in the future.



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