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Why so many people choose wireless charger
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We can know about more wireless charger

About wireless charger

A wireless charger is a charger that is connected to a charged terminal without a traditional charging power line. The latest wireless charging technology is used to transmit electricity by using the alternating magnetic field generated between the coils. the inductor coupling technology will be a bridge connecting the charging base station and the equipment.

The wireless charging technology mainly uses the electromagnetic technology, which converts the current into the electromagnetic in the transmitter, and the mobile phone converts the electromagnetic into the current to charge the mobile phone by the built-in chip receiver. The key to the extension of the wireless charging technology is to ensure that the wireless charger of the manufacturers is compatible. the Qi standard makes the wireless charging have a unified technical specification to ensure the compatibility of the same charger to multiple brands and multi products.

The Qi wireless charging standard adopts electromagnetic induction technology. Compared with other technologies, the efficiency and security are higher. The Qi wireless charging standard includes three aspects of interface, performance and regulation, which will challenge the popularity of wireless charging technology, so the Qi standard mobile phone will be wirelessly charged through any Qi - Certified charging base station, base or other rechargeable device.


Why so many people choose wireless charger

Wireless charging has become a hot topic at present. What advantages does wireless charging have so that people pay attention to it?here are some rreason why many people choose wireless charger.

1.Safety: no electrical contact design can avoid the danger of electric shock.

2.Durability: the power transmission element is not exposed, so it will not be eroded by the water, oxygen, etc. in the air; there is no contact and therefore there will be no loss of mechanical wear and jump fire in connection and separation.

3.Convenient: Convenient: there is no need to connect wires when charging, just put them on the wireless's small and easy to carry when you hang out.

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