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USB C to lightning cable
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You know the newest iPhone will be used usb c to lightning cable

                                          Lightning to usb c cable


We can foresee the specifications of the next-generation iPhone standard charger: equipped with USB-C interface, support USB PD fast charge, 

power 18W; it is worth mentioning that, according to this information, Apple's next generation 18W USB PD charger also It can support USB 

PD3.0 protocol, and its performance is improved compared with several existing chargers. After the charger is upgraded, the USB-C output 

interface will be equipped as standard. The USB PD fast charging protocol is supported, and the mobile phone connection port continues to be 

maintained. Lightning interface, currently available on the market, the USB-C to Lightning cable is C52 version, USB-A to Lightning is C48 version 

(big mouth USB, iPhone standard cable), with the new charger, the new generation iPhone will Using the C91 version of the Lightning cable that 

was leaked earlier, the C91 version of the Lightning cable is USB-C to Lightning, which has a higher level of integration. A new generation of 

iPhone users can enjoy fast charging right out of the box.

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