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Why Apple company insist on using Lightning connector
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                      Why Apple company insist on using Lightning connector


Now ,many Apple accessories factories are discussing what connector the new iPhone is in the future.

According to related person reports that the new iPhone will be used  USB C  connector¡¯s charger and the Apple will use Lightning to USB C cable for their new iPhone.According to chargerlab reports that the new wall charger will be used type c connector charger and the will be used lighting to USB C cable for connect Apple device ,which can be provided 18w ,compatible with quick charging .


Frankly ,the usb c cable is more faster than lightning connector with charging&data,


Firstly,Apple company is one member of Type c designed , The fashionable of Type-C connector is partly driven by Apple¡¯s own,The Thunderbolt3 connector is the same as Type-c designing.,so Apple company know clearly that the Type c will be instead of lightning connector in future.

Secondly,the technology of Lightning connector is full mastered by Apple company.All the Lightning cable manufacturer should purchase the original chip from Apple company and if you use copy chip ,it is easy to showed¡±not compatible¡±on your Apple company will get huge profit according to sell original chip every year.The technology of Type c connector is opened ,if all the smartphone use the new Type c connector ,MFI won¡¯t get any benefit.


Thirdly ,the Type-c connector is bigger than Lightning connector ,which would be affected the appearance of iPhone or the technology chain. Apple exactly will do that?


Maybe Apple company will use new connector ¡°Mini Type c connector¡± in future ,who knows?

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