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Here ,we always introduce our factory's service for customer ,such as: new model cable ,update the price list .


Shipping to worldwide

At Apphone ,we are committed to bringing our products to everyone in the world. Our service delivers to most countries in the world and is dedicated to meeting a variety of shipping needs. We work in conjunction with the most reliable international and domestic couriers to ensure that your package gets to you safe and on time.

Shipping cost

The type, quantity, and weight of your package may vary, and as such, cost may vary. Shipping costs also vary depending on your location. So our salesman will provide the newest price to you before shipping.Of course ,we always select the best method to save times&costs.

MFI information

How to get mfi certification

Apphone set out to become a certified Apple MFI Developer. The process is complex and long.

Step 1:

Before we could go into production,we should get some information of your company,such as:Company’s name,logo,barcode and product image what you wanted.

We will submitt a new plan to MFI for approval.(It is always take 3 working days)

Step 2.

We will make samples to ship the testing lab to test.It is always take 10-12 working days.

Step 3

We will submit the artwork of packaging to MFI for approval.It is always take 3-5 working days.

Step 4

We can go into production


If you have any questions ,please send a message to us ,we will answer you no later than 24hs.

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